Tomoil lubricants are designed to meet specific OEM requirements.

For sizeable fleets Tomoil manufactures lubricants and auto-chemicals designed to guarantee maximum output and efficiency in specific engine builds which have not been damaged or dilapidated. Tomoil representatives or contractors carry out an inspection on the vehicles. Based on the vehicles’ status our experts design lubricants which are compatible with the parts that compose a specific vehicle.

After servicing, Tomoil carries out further inspection at set intervals. In so doing, the company ascertains issues that might arise further down the line. By analysing the used oil and the engine status Tomoil changes its recipes with every new batch. This provides a more tailored solution for your fleet, that can protect your vehicles from damage or dilapidation that could be prevented had it been foreseen.

Tomoil understands that every vehicle has different requirements, even two vehicles with the same engine and build. Therefore, we aim to provide tailored solutions for our clinets in order to protect their vehicles.

Tomoil designs lubricants that protects your vehicles and machinery